Star Trek Predicts the Future...Again: Convention Accepts New Crypto-Currency

A lot of things happen at fan conventions, including gaming and cosplaying, that don't make sense to the general population. However, a Star Trek convention might be ahead of the curve when it comes to another new trend: digital currency. These currencies, which have no physical format, have become popular since the… » 12/03/13 4:14pm 12/03/13 4:14pm

Drive to Survive: 5 Cars for When Zombies Attack

If you woke up tomorrow and were attacked by the undead before even getting your first cup of coffee, would you have the presence of mind to pick the right car to get clear of the ravaging horde, past the clogged highways, and to the safety of non-populated areas? There are so many choices, and so many options to… » 10/28/13 2:19pm 10/28/13 2:19pm